Working in Germany

You want to receive more information about living and working in Germany?

  • We will find a great job for you and offer long-term companionship along
    the way.
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications or improving your skills/expanding your expertise!
  • What constitutes Germany? How to apply for a visa or how do you get own apartment? How to apply for family
    reunification? How to bring my family to join me in Germany?


You are an entrepreneur and are in need of information to the following topics:

How to set up a business in Germany?

Are there any fundings I can use?

How can I get employees to my company Germany?

  • Founders Consulting – Start up  business in Germany
  • Access to public relations Networks
  • Consulting in terms of funding and subsdidies in Germany
  • Qualification quidance and employee onboarding

Our intercultural consultant Mr. Aleed will answer all your questions and will give valuable

Waseem Aleed

Intercultural consultant
Education,Training  and Funding

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